Canoeing Ahja river, Taevaskoja

Canoeing on Ahja river, Taevaskoja

The Ahja River is one of the most popular and beautiful canoeing rivers in Estonia. There are more than 40 sandstone outcrops on the banks of the river. The river section between Koorvere and Kiidjärve offers pleasant experiences with small waterfalls and rapids suitable for everyone. On this section of the river, the mighty Alliku rock is exposed for nearly 16 m. Between Kiidjärve village and Taevaskoja lies the nearly 6 km long Saesaare dam lake, along which there are outcrops submerged in half their glory. After the Saesaare hydroelectric plant, the river becomes rushing and rapid again. Väike Taevaskoda and Suur Taevaskoda (The Small and the Great Outcrop) are on the way. You can canoe towards the old Otten stone bridge like a slalom between smaller and larger stones.

Koorvere - Kiidjärve (most popular)
11 km, ca 3 h
Kiidjärve - Taevaskoja - Otteni
10 km, 3 h
Koorvere - Kiidjärve - Taevaskoja
17 km, ca 5 h
25 € adult, 15 € child (8-17 y), preschooler in the mid seat free of charge
Price includes
2-3 seater canoe, oar, life jacket, instruction, removal of your vehicle and personal belongings to the end point, security on shore
For groups
up to 100 participants. Private tour for your group from 150 €. Smaller groups can join our public hikes in Hike Calendar.
Additional services
hikers meal, accommodation, catering, sauna...

Canoeing on the Ahja river, on the Koorvere-Kiidjärve river section

  • Duration and length: 2.5-3 hours / 11 km
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Route description: One of the most popular sections of a canoe trip in Estonia!

There are 15 enchanting sandstone outcrops on the section, of which the highest Alliku rock is exposed up to 16 meters. There is a very high probability of meeting one of Estonia's most colorful feathers here - the kingfisher! Small waterfalls and rapids (Valgemetsa) that are affordable for everyone offer pleasant experiences, through which our tour guides will guide you safely. The architectural attraction is the Kiidjärve water mill, which is one of the largest water mills in Scandinavia.


Canoe trip on the Ahja River, section Kiidjärve-Taevaskoja-Otteni

  • Duration and length: 2.5-3 hours / 10 km
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Route description: The first 6 kilometers run along the Saesaare dam lake. After that river becomes narrower.

About 15 sandstone outcrops remain on the shores of dam lake. At the end of the dam lake, the canoes have to be carried over the dam, approx. 30 meters. In the summer, there is also a cafeteria, where you can fix your body and mind,  and stretch your back. Further on, the river becomes narrower and faster flowing. The most famous sandstone outcrops and caves of the Ahja river await you - Suur- and Väike Taevaskoda (The Great and Small Outcrop) , Emaläte (Mother Spring) and Neitsikoobas (Virgin Cave). The canoe trip ends at the Otten bridge and the RMK Otten forest house.


Canoe trip on the Ahja river, section Koorvere-Kiidjärve-Taevaskoja

  • Duration and length: 4.5-5 hours / 17 km
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Route description: This water hiking section offers an experience for the whole day

Most of the sandstone outcrops of the Ahja River (more than 40 in total) , are on the route, in addition to the beautiful Kiidjärve water mill and the Saesaare dam lake. The hike ends at the Taevaskoja recreation area, where you can go for a short walk on the Taevaskoja hiking trails or swim in the Taevaskoja dam. We recommend that you take something to eat/drink with you for a long day of hiking.


Multi-day canoe trips on the Ahja river

  • Price: 2-day 35 € adult and 25 € child. Each subsequent day 15 €/participant. (Minimum hike price 280 €.)
  • Length of the hike: 25-60 km
  • Route description: we prepare you a personal hiking plan, that meets your needs and wishes

We help you choose a route and find a suitable camping or accommodation place. Throughout the hike, we offer you 24/7 information and help in case of emergency. Contact us for more information.

kahepäevane kanuumatk ahja jõel

Canoeing FAQ

Clothing and food - sporty, layered clothing. Closed shoes or "crocs" with a closed heel. In hot summer, take something to drink, the best is water. In cool weather, tea is suitable. Take your favorite snacks.

Car transfer - we will meet at the starting point of the canoe trip. Then only the drivers will follow our car to the end point. The cars will remain at the end point, and the drivers will be brought back to the starting point of the hike.

Spare clothes and other equipment - you can leave them on our escort vehicle. If necessary, we will bring them to you. In cold weather, spare clothes are recommended. There is no need to take them with you in summer.

Security on shore - the tour guide is not coming on the river. Every team can paddle privately and at own speed. You will see a tour guide guiding you in more difficult places (rapids).

How big is the risk of tipping over? - The probability is very small, but it can happen. We minimize risk with  good briefings. We also use wide-bottomed, stable canoes for hiking.

What if I tip over? - This is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new adventure :) Before the trip, the instructor explains you everything. You will be told how to behave in the event and how to resolve the situation on your own. In most cases, hikers can empty the canoe themselves and continue the hike. If necessary, you can ask for help from the tour guide, who will quickly come to the scene. 

Canoe - a nice, quiet watercraft

Canoeing is a relatively easy to learn, pleasant activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and physical fitness, both children and adults.

We use wide-bottomed and stable canoes for hiking. There are two- and three-seater canoes. Children starting the age of 3 can ride third in the middle seat of the canoe. Also, if there are an odd number of you, then an adult. Children from the age of 12-14. can already handle canoeing independently. We have life jackets for every age and size.

A canoe trip allows you to experience nature from a unique perspective, offering beautiful views of rivers, lakes and the surrounding landscape. A canoe is an environmentally friendly and sustainable means of transportation. The canoe is quiet, so it is possible to approach wild animals and birds without disturbing them. All of this makes canoeing a popular outdoor activity and a good way to enjoy being outdoors, discover the wonders of nature, and relax.


The Valley of the Ahja River And the Stunning Outcrops

The primeval valley of the Ahja River is known for its unique nature. Impressive sandstone outcrops rise here. There are more than 40 outcrops in the more than 20 km long Ahja river primeval landscape protection area. All of them can be seen while hiking along the river. And most of them then using hiking trails.

The river has a few smaller rapids that give water hikers an adrenaline rush. There are several hiking trails that take you through the forests, hillsides and river banks, offering the opportunity to spot animals - beavers, otters. Several species of birds nest here. A hiker can meet Estonia's most colorful bird - the kingfisher.

Keywords for hikers: Kiidjärve mill, Saesaare dam, kingfisher, beaver, Suur and Väike Taevaskoda, Emaläte, Otten mill bridge. Vegetation along the river is worth noting. It decorates itself in different ways from spring to autumn and is like one big natural flower arrangement throughout the growth period.

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08.10.2023 / at 12:00
Fatbike tour in Taevaskoja

Price includes tour guide services, fatbike for height starting 150 cm, helmet, instruction. Distance 15-20 km

2.5 h
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30 \ 30
28.10.2023 / at 12:00
Rafting on Võhandu river

Price includes 4 to 6-seater raft, oar, life jacket, instruction, removal of your vehicle and personal belongings to the end point, security on shore. Distance 13 km

3 h
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28.10.2023 / at 12:00
Canoeing on Võhandu River

Price includes 2-3 seater canoe, oar, life jacket, instruction, removal of your vehicle and personal belongings to the end point, security on shore. Distance 13 km

3 h
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25 \ 18
28.10.2023 / at 12:00
Snowshoe hike in the Meenikunno bog

Price includes tour guide services, snowshoes, trekking pole, hot tea. Distance ca 5 km

2.5 h
Price *
25 \ 20
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